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  It is planned to build a 245m high and 40-story office tower in the west side of Marina Bay, whichis distributed in sky scraper quickly built in tropicaljungle and expected to be a lands cape of few cityfinancial business districts in Singapore in theworld.


  The building is considered as a great tree growing up in the city’s high-rise community. Lushgreenery covering 60% of the building envelopeas an extension of the earth’s surface climbs up to the building top where tropical trees of 15m height are planted and form a rich forest.In the sky forest, fresh air produced by the trees and high altitude,is captured by a gigantic wind catcher,sent to the office floors through a “cool void” that runs down the center of the building. Through this mode of ventilating the building, natural energycan be employed to create a sustainable and comfortable office environment.


  The building is wrapped with two double skinned facades – one a “green facade”, the other an “urban facade”. The green facade is formed by plants that gives visual-relaxation and diffuse solar radiation. The urban facade utilizes double-skin glazing to reduce the heat load around the perimeter of the building.

  希望通过重新构筑都市与自然、建筑与自然、人与自然关系的“A Tower as a Living Plant”这种新的象征,实现给均质的都市环境再次带来曾经有的自然润泽,丰富人们的工作环境。

  It is hoped that a natural moist and sooth as ever can be brought to enrich people’s working environments through reconstructing a new symbol, “A Tower as a Living Plant” of relationship between city and nature, architecture and nature, man and nature.

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