TOD‘S 表参道大楼

  • 来源:建筑创作
  • 关键字:TOD’S 表参道,东京,办公室
  • 发布时间:2014-04-11 16:03


  Located in the fashionable Omotesando area of Tokyo, this building was built especially for TOD’s, an Italian shoe and handbag brand. The lower levels of this seven-story building are used as a shop, with the middle and upper levels containing offices and a multi-purpose space.

  这幢L形的大楼表面布满了估计是榉树的树状剪影,让人感觉到了非常强烈的一体感。既是表面图案又是建筑结构体的表层(树枝剪影),是通过在300毫米厚的混凝土和金属框架之间镶嵌玻璃形成的。这样构建出的表层,支撑着跨度为10 ~15米的楼板,室内没有任何柱子。

  Since the site is L-shaped and has a narrow frontage, in order to give the building a unified volume we enclosed the site with a wallthat gives the impression of a row of Zelkova trees. This exterior surface serves as both graphic pattern and structural system, and iscomposed of 300mm-thick concrete and flush-mounted frameless glass. The resulting surface supports floor slabs spanning 10-15 meterswithout any internal columns.


  Given the character around the site in Omotesando, where many luxury brand boutiques have been built, by selecting concrete as amaterial we boldly proposed a substance and strength absent from the adjacent “glass architecture”. This concrete structure however, isnot simply used as in conventional architecture to express the volume or the massiveness of the walls. More than being merely a patternor a structure, this building instead acquires a new dimension relating to the notion of surface.


  Trees are natural objects that stand by themselves and their shape has an inherent structural rationality. The pattern of overlapping treesilhouettes also generates a rational flow of forces. Having adapted the branched tree diagram, the higher you move up the building, thethinner and more numerous the branches become, with a higher ratio of openings. Similarly, the building unfolds as interior spaces withslightly different atmospheres relating to the various intended uses.


  Rejecting the obvious distinctions between walls and openings, lines and planes, two- and three-dimensions, transparency and opaqueness, this architecture is characterized by distinctive type of abstractness. The tree silhouette creates a new image, with a constanttension generated between the building’s symbolic concreteness and its abstractness. For this project, we intended to generate a newarchitecture and a vivid presence for a fashion brand, with a strength that will withstand the passage of time in the cityscape.

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